Do you want to have access to your health information anytime, anywhere?

Yes? “dClinic - Your Journey to Vitality!”

How many times have you been frustrated when you have had to repeat yourself to each and every Doctor and specialist you have engaged with?

How many times have you visited a medical facility or doctor interstate or overseas and had to remember everything about your health as you recite it yet again to someone new?

Or maybe you have been in a situation where you have not been in a position to recite your own information and someone has had to do it for you. This can be not only frustrating for others, but dangerous too. Relying on someone’s memory and diligence to account for your health history could lead to many mishaps if they get it wrong.

What if you could access your health information anywhere in the world at anytime? I’m not talking about taking your notebook with 100 plus pages that you have had to hand write or transcribe. I’m talking about being able to access your real health information anytime, and anywhere you may be in the world. All this with your consent!

Your health information is your life health history, so does it not make sense to have access anywhere and everywhere you go? This way, you are not relying on your memory or anyone else’s, but instead have the facts and real life data at your fingertips.

The dClinic platform leverages blockchain technology to facilitate secure storage, retrieval, updating and exchange of health information across institutions around the world. This means your sensitive health data is safe and secure at all times as well as being accessible, with your consent, when required.

This, in turn, alleviates the memory issue and the frustration around having to repeat and recite yourself in each new situation as well as giving the confidence of data security. It also allows your care providers with your consent, to create effective Vitality Plans informed by your (the patient) most recent and accurate medical data, family history, demographics, medications, various test results and other healthcare statistics, even those being provided by yourself (i.e. via your wearable devices).

Wherever you are and whomever you chose to be part of your health and wellbeing care team, you and your team can access your information and chat in a simple easy to understand format. No more repeating yourself, allowing comfort and confidence knowing your data is safe, knowing your up to date information is real-time and live which is key in minimising mistakes in medication, missed prescriptions, or misinformation.

You can also access your additional health data as dClinic incorporates traditional healthcare services, medications, and clinical metrics, along with complimentary wellness and vitality services from other specialists and professionals that are a part of your Vitality Journey. No matter where you are in the world, your health information can be managed with your care team so they all know about you and your health at the touch of a button.

Your healthcare, your data. Accessible anytime, anywhere! dClinic your Journey to Vitality!