dClinic will Reward Consumers and their Care Giver

Tuesday, Oct 8th, 2019

The dClinic’s platform design includes REWARDS FOR CONUMER for adherence to their Vitality plans

Are you tired of having to always repeat yourself when you are at the doctors?

Do you feel like you’ve said it all before when you have to repeat your healthcare concerns and medications, if you can even remember them?

Why can’t your care giver know all the other healthcare activities you do aside from just the doctor visits?

Why can’t you be rewarded for doing good things as part of your Vitality Plan for your health and wellbeing?

Don’t worry, the solution is here. dClinic will reward you and your care team members when you adhere to and participate in your Vitality Plan.

dClinic can drive positive healthcare outcomes and help reduce healthcare costs for Governments and healthcare organisations. In fact, dClinic can make available, real-time health data, through dClinic’s dedicated Healthcare Blockchain Platform, so the entire care team and patient/consumer can work cooperatively to achieve these desired healthcare outcomes.

This is the solution to all the above questions. Your doctor, specialist, care giver, service provider can know about you (with your consent) to assist with providing the best healthcare outcome for you!

Days of repeating yourself and your story to each doctor and specialist are over, your care team and specialists will only need to confirm the details. No more frustration here! No more having to remember all your medications or your partners healthcare details as you have access to your health information on your dClinic App.

Communicate with your Care Team through the dClinic Care Team Portal to help you stay on track with your Vitality Plan to ensure you get your rewards. Your health and wellbeing is important and your team of specialist are here to assist so dClinic will also reward your care team for helping you achieve your health goals.

dClinic rewards means you can access more services, products and goods through dClinic and partners for your health and wellbeing.

So get involved! Be rewarded for your healthcare. And get on with living your best life. dClinic will look after your Healthcare, Wellness and Vitality.

dClinic- Your Journey to Vitality- Our goal is to put the ownership and rewards back into your pocket.


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