Do you want to be rewarded for being healthy?

Yes? “dClinic - Your Journey to Vitality!”

Feeling laggy and unmotivated by your state of health?

Wish you could feel good and have the energy you see others have?

Want to be rewarded for taking steps towards your own wellbeing?

Well, what if it’s not so out of reach for you!

At dClinic, you will find real people that will help you. Wellness professionals as well as clinical specialists that will listen and help you create a Vitality Plan that’s all about you and “Your journey to Vitality”.

You will have a team of experts to help you achieve your goals, and will assist and support you in sticking to your Vitality Plan. When you participate and work with your care team, and adhere to your care plan, dClinic will reward you with VIC (Vitality Coin) that you can invest into your health and lifestyle by purchasing other services, products, programs and visits to our and our partner premier facilities.

dClinic wants you to feel excited by your life and by the ability to live in your fullest capacity. So their gift to you is, MORE HEALTH, MORE WELLBEING and VITALITY! When you are feeling good, life is better. You can participate more, you feel more energetic, you enjoy your family and friends more, you get sick less and you contribute more to society and your community.

The dClinic rewards system is easy to follow. It is as simple as sticking to the Vitality Plan that you and your care team of specialists and professionals created, where they have taken into account the step by step necessities for you to be able to undertake tasks towards your Vitality.

For example, your task can range from taking a 30 minute walk daily or doing a 10 minute mindfulness session three times a week, to tweaking your diet for more nutritious food options. It could be completing Consumer Surveys giving feedback on your care, or perhaps taking your medications on time and reporting diligently about your medication’s intake. Stick to your dClinic Vitality Plan and you will be rewarded. dClinic Vitality Rewards could also be connected to consumer wearable device information being collected too!

Whatever the Vitality Plan created, your Care Team will be there supporting you and reminding you to help you earn your rewards so you achieve your ultimate goals. All of this can be communicated through the dClinic app in easy to understand chat, whether it be with your Care Team, Specialists or Family Members; everyone is working for your benefit and your good health.

Simply, dClinic want to reward you for your participation and adherence!

Why? Because dClinic to succeed. dClinic want you to feel good, and dClinic want you to be in control of your health and your life.

dClinic, Your journey to Vitality!