dClinic - Who are we and what do we do?

dClinic is a Singaporean based organisation created by experts in Clinical, Wellness and Blockchain, who have come together from across the globe to bring a new wave of Vitality and care to consumers and care professionals.

Our team individually and together have many years of experience in Blockchain, healthcare and wellness, and seeing the crisis of healthcare around the world, know that unless something is done differently, the huge spend will continue, patient outcomes will be secondary and the overall result will be much of the same.

As the name suggests, we are a clinic of sorts. A digital clinic, but different to the clinics you know today. We are Blockchain enabled and we provide clinical and wellness services based on a holistic approach, actually giving vitality to consumers.

Recognising the limitations of current healthcare systems, dClinic has created a solution that is a powered by a dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) used to power Holistic Healthcare, Wellness and Vitality journeys through our own dClinic’s, Day Centres, Retreats and Hospitals, throughout Indonesia and India initially, and then making this platform, workflows, and services available to other healthcare organisations world-wide. dClinic’s revolutionary PHB will help drive and deliver real positive healthcare outcomes not just for consumers, but for care teams, organisations and governments. More-so, we will also rewards everyone for participating in their own healthcare outcomes.

The dClinic Private Healthcare Blockchain promotes “consumer-centred care” and that means for YOU who should be the centre of your healthcare. This platform combined with dClinic’s unique blend of vitality and wellness services, through Journeys, will truly transform the delivery of these services as we know it today and make a real difference in improving people’s health and vitality through transparent visibility and communication made easy. You see, we believe that health is much more than just the absence of disease, it is a resource that allows people to realize their aspirations, satisfy their needs and to manage in their environment in order to live a long, productive, and fruitful life. Taking a holistic approach, dClinic offers various conventional, wellness and lifestyle interventions for the best outcome for YOUR CARE. Because Being Well is Vital for quality of life.

So what are we trying to accomplish? In simple terms, dClinic wants to bring to the world a better way of health and wellbeing, to bring about preventative measures in how you think and act in regards to your health. To link your health information together through blockchain technology instead of them sitting in singular healthcare silos around the world where they are inaccessible to you (the consumer who really owns your information), and your care team, thus making the healthcare system frustrating, time consuming and expensive. This technology is both secure and encrypted, keeping your health information safe and secure in the best way possible. We want you to have access to your health information so you and your care team of health and wellbeing professionals can act on the information in a holistic way and help you to stay healthy. This benefits YOU, the consumer, as you can live a better quality of life, and have less expenses to your hip pocket when it comes to your healthcare. It also helps the local community and reduces the burden of healthcare costs for governments, all resulting in positive outcomes all round.

Our vision at dClinic is to create world-class vitality destinations for locals and tourist alike where you can rehabilitate in comfort and style, with state of the art services and technologies, from a sports or health operation, where you can take some well-deserved rest and rejuvenation time and have a full transformational journey of a week or a month or just a short half day or day visit yet still experience your personalised and transformational wellness and vitality journeys. Using our revolutionary PHB will enable your Care Team to work with you to create your personalised Vitality Plan for your best health outcome

dClinic’s four core areas of focus are Wellness, Wellbeing, Anti-Aging and Beauty and we offer unique Journeys to Vitality within these areas allowing you to assist in the process as we believe having an awareness, developing an interest, taking responsibility for your health and then doing what is needed can bring you into not just a state of wellbeing or of being well, but being invigorated and energized which is vitality.

Having a body and a mind that feels good, having energy and good health, and achieving a fulfilling and satisfying life whatever that looks like, is wellbeing.

At dClinic we promote preventative focussed vitality journeys aimed at avoiding illness and maximising well-being. We want consumers (YOU) to understand your health and how valuable it is, so we want to encourage you to take responsibility for your wellness and well-being, so you will be rewarded for achieving your agreed goals set together with your personal healthcare team. These rewards can be used to better your health and lifestyle by purchasing other dClinic services, products, programs and visits to our, and our partner premier facilities.

dClinic uses evidence-based practice, advanced technologies and best expertise in our service providers, in premium facilities to deliver optimal outcomes for all consumers offering a range of health and wellness journeys with individually designed vitality Journeys that combine a unique range of conventional healthcare along with state of the art technology, Eastern modalities, and other services to address immediate concerns, coupled with education and ongoing support for not only recovery but to maintain a state of wellbeing is really key to someone’s well-being. If you have the understanding, the tools, and support along with incentive, you can achieve the desired outcome. You can achieve your wellbeing and your vitality.

dClinic also enhances our world class facilities with retail areas for your pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and a range of retail products unique to your stay with us as well as your health, vitality and recovery needs. We also have a green café where our consumers can come and take a relax whether they are coming for services or just wanting to pop in for a healthy organic and exotic refreshment created by dClinic’s top chefs. Depending on demographics, size and variation of services in our cafes will differ.