dClinic To Offer Choices for Your Personal Journey to Vitality

Yes? “dClinic - Your Journey to Vitality!”

Traditional healthcare approaches have a place, but for many they can be seen as rigid and impersonal. People are set on a targeted path for specific issues, but the person’s overall health and wellness is often forgotten. dClinic looks to change this with their innovative approach to Healthcare, providing the Consumer with a range of choices to personalise their own JOURNEY TO VITALITY.

dClinic offers a complementary model of clinical and vitality services, that co-exist to deliver truly blended overall health and wellness, and therefore, Vitality, through individualised care.

dClinic works with each individual consumer to develop a Vitality plan that meets their needs, be they clinical, wellness or well-being based. After an initial stage of discovery, a personalised Vitality Plan is devised for the consumer. dClinic care teams work with the consumer to explore the best treatment options and pathways for them.

In addition to evidence based clinical services, dClinic will offer a range of complementary wellness options that are personalised to that individual’s specific needs, be they wellness, well-being anti-aging, or beauty related. Having this holistic approach to the journey gives the consumer the best chance of success in achieving their health and wellbeing outcome. The consumer will be at the centre of their care from the time they enter the dClinic facility and their goals and Vitality Plan will be accessible to them and their care team throughout their care journey.

The consumer’s Healthcare information will be stored in their secure Health Record, which will be managed securely on dClinic’s Private Health Blockchain (PHB). This is highly safe and secure information storage and will allow the consumer to have access to their medical information anywhere, anytime. Consumers can elect to allow Healthcare professionals access to their medical information through consent, ensuring they have all the correct, up-to-date information to make informed medical decisions. You no longer need to remember all your related Health history and medication regime as it will be contained within your Health Record.

Underpinning this will be dClinic’s own Loyalty Program currency, the VIC (Vitality Coin). The VIC can be used as means of payment for medical services and products as well as an incentive for adhering to Vitality plans and a reward for good health practices. Family members can also be rewarded with VIC by helping others achieve their healthcare goals. This will be the first time a cryptocurrency has been implemented dedicated solely to the Health Industry in this Loyalty Rewards fashion. Cryptocurrencies are paving the way forward as a means of safe and secure payments and dClinic seeks to eventually make the VIC and it’s PHB the default standard for health-related transactions.

Using the dClinic online app, the consumer will have access to all their health information and related data. Using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the consumer will be able to converse with the dClinic chatbot and care team members to ask questions related to their health information, as well as provide feedback and updates to their care teams. This will keep your Personal Health record current and ensure professionals have access to your latest up-to-date medical information.

dClinic, Your Journey to Vitality!