Do you want a better chance at IVF success through your Fertility Journey?

Yes? “dClinic - Your Journey to Vitality!”

One of most cherished life experiences is that of becoming a parent. For a couple, creating new life together and living for a greater purpose. Being more than just you! For a woman conceiving and carrying a baby to term is such a life changing experience, feeling this precious life growing within and such a special feeling for both man and woman when you hold that precious bundle for the first time; seeing the life you created in your very own arms.

Sadly, infertility is on the rise around the world, and many couples experience the trauma of being told they cannot have children or cannot conceive naturally. They then find themselves on the tumultuous journey of IVF cycle after cycle which intrudes cruelly on their individual and dual wellbeing, even flowing over to extended family members and friends as they seek comfort and advice. This experience when repeatedly unsuccessful can lead to thoughts and feelings of being a lesser person, confusion, anger, despair, depression and anxiety, creating conflict where once there was love. The excitement and joy of creating a family soon lost to the bold reality of ovulation dates, analytics, and processes.

At dClinic, we believe your dream and vision of beginning (or continuing) your family should be as stress free and seamless and as successful as possible, giving you an experience that can be cherished along with the creation of your future and family.

Taking a holistic approach, dClinic does not just offer IVF as the solution, but rather look at the whole picture and do what is necessary to bring you and your body back into balance to give the best chance of success for any IVF or AI that may occur throughout your Fertility Journey.

At dClinic, you (the consumer), will have your Care Team of Wellbeing and Clinical Specialists working together with you to help you to create personalised and individual pathways which will take into account the health, wellness and fertility of both the man and woman as individuals and couples. Looking into lifestyle, health and wellbeing concerns, as well as environmental factors that may be contributing to the fertility issue. This is the dClinic Fertility Journey.

Addressing fertility issues is not just about “getting pregnant”, it’s about looking at YOU, as whole people individually and seeing where help is needed to bring about balance, healing and wholeness, and together as a couple, addressing lifestyle issues, stresses, environment, pollutants, and health (Mental, Physical and emotional).

All that you consume (food, drink, put on your skin), what you think, and believe along with your environment contribute to your overall wellbeing and have an impact on your physical body and its capabilities. Given what it needs, your body can restore balance and create magic. Take the time to address your health as a whole and clean up your life first as you prepare for your family. Choosing dClinic’s Wellness and Fertility Journey will help you to create a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy relationship which will hold you steady during your IVF process.

Using dClinic’s PHB (Private Health Blockchain), your Care Team of professionals can connect with you and each other (with your consent) and work alongside you to create the care and services best suited to you as an individual, as couples and as families. Using dClinic’s easy to use and understand Care Team Portal App you can connect anytime anywhere to your Care Team which can give you peace of mind, as well as ease the stresses of the process. dClinic’s Wellness and Fertility Journey is a pathway to living a healthy and vital life and fuelling your body and mind to perform at its best. Through dClinic’s clinical and wellness experts as well as specialist partners, you will gain education, guidance and support to help you to make the lifestyle and health changes necessary in preparation of your new family.

dClinic, Your Journey to Vitality!