Tips To Start or Maintain Your Wellness From a Healthy Lifestyle

How do your start your day? Do you grab for your smart phone and stagger out of bed blurry eyed? Or do you open your eyes and turn to view and greet the day with a thank you and an appreciation for what is?

Many people today are so rushed from the moment they rise until the moment they fall into bed that they forget what a beautiful world we have and tend to overlook the seemingly meaningless tasks of self and soul. Whilst it may seem irrelevant to take time that is so precious and spend it sitting quietly staring into the morning, it can actually be the most important thing you can do for yourself all day.

This moment in time can set the tone of your whole day and is the start of living a healthy lifestyle. Building and maintaining good health and lifestyle habits, starting from when you wake up, is imperative to living a life in wellness and wellbeing, and practiced regularly can change your life for the better.

So if you are tired of waking up in a flurry, tired of life passing you by and tired of the anxieties and stresses of the day eating you up, make a decision to start changing things up today, nothing changes until something changes and that change starts with you. You wanting something different, you wanting better health, you wanting stress less days and you wanting to live life happier and with more energy.

What we consume into our bodies, whether it be food, thought, energy from gadgets and people as well as environmental factors as in pollution, chemicals and how we live, has an impact on our physical health. How we feel about ourselves, others and life, so our emotional and our mental state of health also contributes to our physical state of being. Having an awareness, developing an interest, taking responsibility for ourselves and our health, and then doing what is needed can bring us into not just a state of wellbeing or of being well, but being invigorated and energized which is vitality.

Here’s what you can do to tweak things and literally get you on the path to a more healthy lifestyle. Start the day with good thoughts, take time to appreciate what’s going right or just what is and acknowledging yourself with good words. Adding a breakfast that nourishes the body and is in alignment with what your body needs not only gets you through the day, but diminishes cravings for caffeine and high sugar items that we indulge in for getting that hit of energy mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Make it a protein breakfast and for women eat before coffee, to assist regulation of blood sugar. Make time for at least 30 minutes of moving the body, preferably in the fresh air and sunshine, but as long as you’re moving your body, it doesn’t really matter where or how. This helps keep things moving not just inside your body, but energetically moving forward helps you to move through life. Music is food for the soul too, so add some joy to your day and play some favourite tunes and if you feel the urge, dance. Dance adds free flow to your joints and energy.

So much of what we do has benefits in many areas of our lives, often we find ourselves eating particular food, playing particular songs and doing tasks that our bodies have called for unconsciously knowing it is what is needed. Sad songs allow us to release sadness, root vegetables can assist us in being grounded if we have denied our physical body to connect with the earth. Listen to your body, follow your guidance, don’t disregard the little aches and pains, instead look at them, what is your body saying? What is it asking you to address?

Having a body and a mind that feels good, having energy and good health, and achieving a fulfilling and satisfying life whatever that looks like, is wellbeing.

This is what a healthy lifestyle is. A combination of all areas of life brought into balance by doing what works for you and your body and mind. A little each day as you start your journey and increasing as you progress, taking small steps in the changes to ensure success and not beating upon yourself if you come unstuck or go off track.

End the day with “thank you” whatever happened today, it happened for you, for your experience, for you to learn and grow from and giving genuine thanks will allow life to flow on and for you to move through the not so fun experiences quicker.

Make time for you, for your health and for your wellbeing. Vitality for life!

You’re worth it and so are your loved ones!

dClinic, Your Journey to Vitality!