Do you wish your Doctor knew your health data regardless of where you are in the world?

Yes? “dClinic - Your Journey to Vitality!”

You have given your health information to your regular medical centre, your GP, your local hospital and your specialists how many times? And yet each time you visit, you still need to fill in the information missing from the visits to any other care provider you have been to see. How frustrating! And if it is a new health provider you are seeing, you must provide ALL your information from scratch again.

Why is this?

Because healthcare data (Vitality (Health) Record) is commonly siloed and fragmented and the systems cannot talk to each other.

What does this actually mean in everyday language? Your health data, the information you give your doctor, specialists and other service providers of your healthcare, as well as the data collected from your appointments, procedures and examinations etc, is all stored somewhere. It is usually stored in individual systems, often where you were when they were created, so if you were at your local GP, then your data is stored there on their system. If you were on holiday and went to a hospital or medical facility there, then that is where your information will be. If you were at your local hospital, then most likely your data is stored there. So, unless you relay the information on each visit to everyone, the care team around you is not up to date with your real health status, progress, or information.

For example, if you have been to 20 different healthcare providers, you will have 20 different health records sitting in 20 different silos and can only access those related to that particular visit at that particular facility, unless of course it is emailed or sent via cloud to another. What a terrible system! No wonder governments are fighting a losing battle and spending enormous healthcare budgets, your taxes, on these disjointed systems.

Wouldn’t it be good to have just one record with ALL your data and information is accessible (with YOUR permission) to all your healthcare providers. One record that allows your care team to see your real time data to create the best Vitality and Lifestyle Plan for you. One health record accessible to you (the Consumer) and your care team (with your permission) wherever you are in the world. One record where you can have your wellness and wellbeing team (including your PT), actually interacting and contributing to your Vitality in one place.

dClinic’s dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) is the solution to these fragmented silos of data. It is ideal for maintaining your (the consumer) Longitudinal Vitality Record or termed otherwise as dClinic Vitality Record (dVR). The dClinic platform leverages blockchain technology to facilitate secure storage, retrieval, updating and exchange of health information across institutions worldwide. This, in turn, allows care providers to create effective Vitality Plans informed by a patient’s most recent and accurate medical data, family history, demographics, medications, various test results and other healthcare statistics, even those being provided by the patient themselves. dClinic also recognises that consumers can be anywhere in the world and still require access to their dVR. The consumer can allow access to their record at any facility, and more importantly, can manage that access co-operatively with their care providers.

For example, you’re in a foreign country, maybe had an accident or are ill, or for some reason you cannot communicate your health position accurately. Maybe you can’t remember what medications you’re taking. dVR is there for healthcare professionals to assist you quickly and safely. You or a noted beneficiary can consent access to the medical facility or provider you are getting assistance from to utelise your Vitality Record to gain real live data to ensure you get the correct treatment. They will see your medical history, allergies and medications and other relevant information allowing your care provider or clinician to cater to your needs without you having to verbalise anything. The Vitality Record combines the input of the patient, their service providers, carers and other stakeholders in the consumer’s healthcare journey and delivers a Vitality Plan that aims to increase healthcare outcomes, encourage wellness, vitality and improve quality of services. And you can communicate with your Care Team on the dClinic Care Team Portal.

Using dClinic’s dedicated Healthcare Blockchain, “Clinicians and Health Specialists are able to work efficiently within a Care Team”, and can then co-create, with the consumer, Vitality Plans and ultimately rewards for positive adherence and participation to this Plan.

Additionally, having Integration and Interoperability around this health data means you can also enjoy your health and care plan on your personal devices such as fit bit or smart watch. Now your doctor and specialists can know about you regardless of where you are in the world.

Finally! Evidence Based Positive Healthcare Outcomes

dClinic, Your Journey to Vitality!