dClinic – Making healthcare all about you!

Consumers are more educated and tech savvy than ever before. The digitally focused consumer also has higher expectations of health services and how they receive care. We live in a rapidly evolving digital world and the wealth of information about our healthcare is exploding all around us. This is making changes to the way healthcare is delivered to me more critical than ever.

Consumers often go to their care providers already armed with a stack of information from lots of different sources, likely through the internet or social media channels or wearables. Consumers, like me, are looking for a more personal healthcare experience. They want care providers who will help them work through the maze of available options and ensure that their care is aligned to their needs and personalised to support their own path to health and vitality.

It’s time to put personalised health at the centre of care delivery in a very practical way. Traditional models will be challenged and tested by consumers demanding a more personalised care path with increasing demands for meaningful consultations and follow up.

What will health care services look like in 10+ years; quite different to the health care models in place today. dClinic is driving that change and helping consumers be actively involved in the change, creating care journeys that are meaningful to each individual person.

This requires cultural change and a focus on delivering healthcare differently. You want to actively manage your own Vitality Journey, have access to practitioners who focus on your personal needs, monitor your own progress and dClinic can help you do that. In fact, that is what dClinic is all about. They even look to reward you for actively monitoring your health and reaching defined health targets.

Models of health delivery need to consider the person as a whole. Rarely is one person cared for by a single provider. Care is a team responsibility, a team of health practitioners, wellness providers and even family and friends that contribute to your overall state of wellbeing. It’s a model where the care team understands you, your health and wellness objectives, clinical challenges you are facing, and develop a detailed personalised plan for you, to ensure you have confidence that you are getting access to the right levels of health, wellness and care services.

Embracing new technologies means people have access to more information than ever before, and personal health information is quickly rising to the top of that list. But with traditional healthcare, your health information can be spread across different hospitals, health centres, pharmacies and other care providers. This leads to information silos, where data is not shared so your complete health status may not be available to those that need it. So how does dClinic differ in the delivery of personalised care?

Using dClinic’s Private Health Blockchain (PHB) a person’s health information can be stored safely and securely, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere with your consent. This means the individual has control over their own health information, who has access to it and what it is used for. Then when you visit a health professional or care provider, they will have access (with your consent) to all your related health information and can make better decisions based on a complete picture.

dClinic is taking an innovative approach to health care delivery, challenging the traditional boundaries and information silos associated with healthcare. dClinic’s open platform approach will work with care providers across different specialties and sectors to collaborate, share and make health information available from its PHB. Of course, the appropriate checks and balances will be there to ensure only appropriate authorized users get access to the information they need in order to offer the services they need to deliver.

All of this also means greater collaboration across the entire care team looking after you. This is the driving force behinds dClinic’s vision for delivering healthcare. It is all about you and giving you access to the personalised care you need.

dClinic, Your Journey to Vitality!