dClinic Begins Ground Breaking Private Healthcare Blockchain (“PHB”) in Batam

Thursday, Jun 27th, 2019

Available at https://onlinefreestock.com/pr-declinic-partners-with-indonesian-bp-batam-hospital/

Following on from the June 2019 forum to discuss the advance of Batam as a Digital Economic Zone and after the successful contract Signing Ceremony in May, BP Batam, RSBP Hospital and dClinic are conducting a series of Implementation Planning Workshops in Batam from 27th to 29th June 2019.

These Workshops are being facilitated by dClinic’s key advisers Deloitte South East Asia and JP Consulting (Australia), and will be attended by Executives, Wellness and Vitality Experts, Blockchain Investors and Data Centre Management and Facilities Experts.

The Indonesian Government and BP Batam have recently announced plans for Batam to become a Digital Economic Zone, a Medical Trade-free Zone and a Blockchain Logistics Hub. Batam will become Indonesia’s Blockchain Centre of Excellence and Economic Development Zone.

"A key workshop outcome will be to finalise planning for dClinic to construct its first Vitality Centre within the new RSBP Hospital and launch its Vitality (“VIC”) Loyalty Program for Indonesia, powered by dClinic’s revolutionary PHB - Says Dr Edi Pambudi (Deputy Ministry for Monetary and Balance of Payment, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs).

Other workshop outcomes include plans for a major upgrade of BP Batam Data Centre Facilities and Blockchain hosting capabilities to support early installation of dClinic’s PHB for Indonesia as a key digital enabler to help realise the goal of being the “Blockchain Centre of Excellence”.

The partnership will also finalise a Portfolio of Projects and associated Roadmap that will form the basis of further commercial agreements and investments by each of the partners including the various appropriate Indonesian Government Agencies. This is likely to include up to four (4) major investment projects over the first two (2) to three (3) years including construction of a new dClinic Vitality Centre adjoining the RSBP Batam and a Vitality Villa Resort in the Medical Trade-Free Zone.

Stephen Moo (dClinic MD for Indonesia) States,

Batam will be dClinic’s International showcase in Indonesia for Healthcare Blockchain. PHB will be powering Wellness and Vitality Services, and Medical Tourism in Batam and Indonesia. There have been many attempts to create a common Electronic Health Record (“EHR”) for patients and most, if not all of them, have failed. Blockchain enabled flexible consumer- focused Electronic Medical Records that can encapsulate not only traditional healthcare, but wellness and vitality information is the answer. dClinic’s PHB is the right EHR infrastructure for Batam and Indonesia - Dr. Richard Satur (dClinic CEO)