dClinic and JHL Collaborate to Distribute dClinic’s “Wellness and Vitality” to Indonesia!

Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore - Saturday, Sep 14th, 2019

“Welcome to the future of Healthcare. dClinic Wellness and Vitality Clinics, Centres and Retreats where consumers and care teams are rewarded for participation and adherence to their Vitality plans.” – Dr. Richard Satur (CEO, dClinic).

dClinic and JHL are partnering to deliver high-end Wellness and Vitality Centres underpinned with dClinic’s blockchain powered Vitality Record (VR) in Indonesia. dClinic has purchased the whole of 3rd floor of JHL Iconic Mall development in BSD, Carstensz Residence. Together with the corporate guidance of Deloitte South East Asia, clinical guidance of JP Consulting and development expertise of JHL, dClinic will open multiple high- end centres in Indonesia, one of them is Carstensz.

Presently there are very few rehabilitation services for patients after undergoing major and minor surgery. Even traditional healthcare pathways rarely cater for the rehabilitation process. dClinic will deliver both clinical and wellbeing focused services for these consumers and we will reward them too. dClinic will also provide services specifically for the medical tourism market. In addition, Deloitte will prepare and oversea the corporate governance for dClinic and JHL will offer the expertise to deliver buildings, villas and communities that promote the dClinic vision.

JHL will partner with dClinic to extend the dClinic operations outside Indonesia as part of other JHL developments.

dClinic is the first clinically-based wellness and vitality services company to be underpinned by a Clinical Blockchain to help deliver proper targeted services that rewards patients and providers for their participation and adherence in their vitality plans.

dClinic is a game changer in healthcare. For too long healthcare has taken the traditional service delivery path and year after year, governments worldwide have shown that this is not easily sustainable. dClinic’s model for wellness and vitality specifically aimed at preventative health for local Indonesia and medical tourism market, will demonstrate that there is a better, more cost effective way to provide healthcare services that not only benefits the patient but also the healthcare sector as a whole.

“JHL has been the leader in developing projects that are sympathetic towards the environment, community and the user’s wellness. Partnering with dClinic to create Vitality and Wellness centres and spaces is a natural progression for this company.” – said Jerry Hermawan Lo (Founder JHL Group).

“dClinic is going to be your healthcare partner for wellness and vitality. We will reward you for participating in your own rehabilitation. We will involve and reward your family and friends in your rehabilitation. We will create full engagement with your whole wellness team. We will give you vitality. This is dClinic’s commitment to you.” – Dr. Richard Satur (CEO, dClinic).