dClinic Medical Blockchain Presents IT Batam BP Festival 2019

Batam, Indonesia - Saturday, Oct 12th, 2019


COC dClinic Ashwani Modi also attended the annual event held by the Center for Data Processing and Information Systems (PDSI) from the Batam Business Entity (BP Batam). Today, Batam is set to become the center of the digital era.

BitcoinMedia - IT Festival BP Batam. The dClinic medical Blockchain platform was also present in the implementation of the event titled IT Festival which took place at the BP Batam Information Technology Center Building today (12/10/19). In the one-day event, COO and dClinic Co Founder, Ashwani Modi was present as one of the speakers.

One implementation of the use of technology produced from dClinic, is the application of current technology in the health and medical service sector. As you know, dClinic is a Private Healtcare Blockchain platform, abbreviated as PHB.

The agenda that lasted until this afternoon was initiated by the Center for Data Processing and Information Systems (PDSI) from the Batam Business Entity (BP Batam).

The Batam PDSI Center Head, Sylvia J. Malaihollo, commented on the implementation, saying, "IT Fest BP Batam 2019 is a place for young people, IT practitioners and entrepreneurs to meet. IT Fest is an annual agenda of BP Batam in providing community services, students, students, IT practitioners, and entrepreneurs in educating and motivating to follow technological developments, "he explained.

COO and Co Founder of dClinic, Ashwani Modi, as a speaker at IT Fest BP Batam 2019 this afternoon

On the occasion of the annual agenda, dClinic COO Aswani Modi introduced the use of blockchain technology in the health sector through the dClinic platform. In addition to dClinic Co Founder Ashwani Modi, two other speakers were the Head of the Information Technology Department of Batam University - Fendi Hidayat, and also Fransiskus Dufu Awa Du'a from Indodax.

At present, BP Batam is indeed the center of a special business map in driving business growth in the digital age. More specifically, the island of Batam is being prepared as central in the digital age. One of them is in the use of blockchain technology. According to Sylvia, later the implementation of the use of blockchain technology will be prepared in various fields gradually. Starting from the fields of health, logistics, finance, and other fields. This will be adjusted to the demands and needs in Batam.