The World’s first dedicated Healthcare Blockchain company to integrate Healthcare Systems, Clinics and Hospital Assets with a Revolutionary Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) for the secure, transparent delivery of Healthcare, Wellness and Vitality Services, promoting Evidence-based Positive Healthcare Outcomes.

PHB is our dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain. Unlike other healthcare blockchains, our platform is created specifically for healthcare and is NOT a retrofitted financial transaction blockchain solution. Our healthcare Blockchain is underpinned by a world standards-based clinical modeling framework and meets the healthcare standards of ASEAN, US and EU regions. In particular, the PHB;

  • Allows for patient-centric Smart Contracts,
  • Regional-based regulatory models for consent and clinical information standards,
  • Is Fast access even for BIG Clinical Data, and
  • Helps create healthcare Eco-Systems, reducing costs.

The PHB has a number of integrated dApps including;

  • COVID-19 Track and Trace
  • Shared Care Planning putting the Patient at the Centre of their Care
  • VIC Rewards Loyalty Healthcare App
  • Healthcare Inventory
  • Healthcare Track and Trace
  • EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record)
  • New dApps are being created regularly by dClinic and our partners.

The PHB has been designed to create Healthcare Eco-Systems. It is through active healthcare eco-systems, true healthcare initiatives, positive healthcare outcomes and healthcare cost savings can be achieved. In the first instance, we have engaged with partners, organizations and governments in the ASEAN region.

In order to achieve these high-level healthcare Eco-Systems, we need to allow other clinical systems, Apps and dApps to integrate with the PHB. We do this through our FHIR APIs.

We endeavor to create Eco-Systems that promote Healthcare, Wellness, Well-Being and therefore, VITALITY.

Welcome to the revolution in Healthcare!

About Us - Our Blockchain Journey

Introduction to dClinic’s Expert team
Our team includes many experts who have been developing healthcare solution across the APAC region for the last 30+ years. These solutions have included;

  • Involvement in the Australian National Healthcare Record.
  • What is regarded as one of the most successful implementations anywhere in the world, of a National Healthcare Record, delivered successfully in the Northern Territory (Australia), and is still a beacon for how a National Healthcare Record should be implemented anywhere. The learning from this implementation are still be referenced worldwide as a roadmap for successfully implementing a National Healthcare Record - https://digitallibrary.health.nt.gov.au/prodjspui/handle/10137/5766
  • Advisory roles in Australia and worldwide, within various National government bodies driving healthcare reforms across Australian States, Australia and the APAC region.
  • Delivering unique and transformative Apps for tracking medications and medications usage within Australia.
  • Delivering solutions for tracking infectious diseases in Australian states.
  • Driving Clinical Modeling standards nationally within Australia and internationally including UK and Canada.
  • Our team includes Clinical Modeling Experts, Clinical Standards Experts, Blockchain Experts and Healthcare Management Experts. Please review our team’s experience here.
  • Our staff and offices are now located in Singapore, Indonesia, India, US and Australia.

Why PHB?

Over the last 5 years, the founders of dClinic, together with the many experts the founders have worked with over the previous 20+years, realized that many issues in healthcare could be solved by using the benefits of Blockchain (Decentralized Ledger), not least of all security, traceability (particularly relevant because of the most recent strain on healthcare systems globally due to COVID-19 pandemic), and auditability.

The founders, along with many devoted supporters from our expert team, have spent millions developing the Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) dedicated to solving the many challenges healthcare faces. Most importantly, we have developed IP that allows a dedicated healthcare blockchain to operate efficiently with big, highly fractal and complex healthcare data.

If Blockchain is to be useful, then it needs to be efficient and most importantly, standards-based go be deployed for healthcare data.

dClinic has attracted key Advisors

Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Pte Ltd will also be assisting dClinic with corporate governance and investment (including fund raising) strategies. Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Pte Ltd is the key advisor for our ASEAN projects. Chris de Lavigne, Executive Director at Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Pte Ltd, said, "Exponential technologies such as the Internet of Things, blockchain and artificial intelligence have the potential power to transform the healthcare sector. Around the world, healthcare stakeholders are looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to deliver patient- centered, technology-enabled "smart" healthcare, both inside and outside hospital walls. Communities can take advantage of such digital and exponential technologies on data to make informed decisions."

"JP Consulting is proud to provide Clinical Governance and Services Development Advisory Services for the BMB Program", said Jeff Parker Managing Director of JP Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Extending PHB to Indonesia

Carstensz MOU Signing Ceremony for dClinic’s first PHB driven Vitality Centre (estimated approximately USD $18.2million) in BSD, Tangerang Selatan (September 2018)


Education through Engagement

The dClinic story to the Indonesian market through BlockBali, BlockBatam and other Conferences (Since 2018).

Citizen Shared Digital Health Record Service

dClinic presents proposal to Ministry of Economic Development to develop Citizen Shared Digital Health Record Service for 3 remote communities as a part of dClinic Healthcare Blockchain project (January 2019).

Proactive Engagement

Batam Medical Blockchain excites VIP audience attending GBA Singapore at Deloitte

Batam Business Entity (BP) Member Syahril Japarin appreciated the implementation of Batam Medical Blockchain (BMB) seminar on Saturday (11/02/2019).

The activity was initiated by dClinic and Deloitte Southeast Asia in collaboration with BP Batam and took place at Deloitte Office, Singapore.

This seminar received the attention of Singaporean businessmen and government, both Indonesia and Singapore.

Batam Medical Blockchain excites VIP audience attending GBA Singapore at Deloitte

Dr. Richard Satur

dClinic Team & BP Batam

IT Fest BP Batam 2019

The Batam PDSI Center Head, Sylvia J. Malaihollo, commented on the implementation, saying, ‘IT Fest BP Batam 2019 is a place for young people, IT practitioners and entrepreneurs to meet. IT Fest is an annual agenda of BP Batam in providing community services, students, students, IT practitioners, and entrepreneurs in educating and motivating to follow technological developments, ‘ he explained.


Novartis – Horizon Leadership Immersion Program (2019)

“We wish to thank you [dClinic] for your involvement in the Novartis Horizon Leadership Immersion Program. Your insights were impactful and greatly appreciated”, Clarissa Turner

Following the initial visit to Batam, dClinic and BP Batam develop and signed an Intent to collaborate between RSBP Batam, BP Batam, and dClinic and establish Collaboration Partnership (April 2019).

To formalize a Memorandum of Understanding between the partners to move towards formalizing a Commercial Agreement and the scopes, roadmap, and financial contributions from each of the parties (May 2019).

RSBP, PPDSI, BP Batam Marketing, dClinic, Deloitte, and JP Consulting to develop overall Batam Medical Blockchain Program (BMB) including the overall program governance, proposed projects, roadmaps, and core roles and responsibilities (June 2019).

PHB Testimonials

Dr Sigit Riyarto ( Director of RSBP Batam ) proudly announced, "RSBP Batam has already won a number of awards for its innovation. Working now with dClinic we aim to introduce the BMB to Batam and then to the greater Indonesia. What we can achieve through better communication with our patients will only assist the healthcare system and help bring change to way we communicate and encourage our consumers".

Dr Edi Pambudi (Deputy Assistant Ministry of Monetary and Balance of Payments) added, “Indonesia is bold and mature enough to pursue its position as the leader of Blockchain excellence in this region and to bring leadership and digital innovation to rest of the world. This agreement between RSBP Batam and dClinic is another major step towards our plans to open up Batam and Indonesia to co-investment projects in Blockchain".

Edy Putra (Chairman of BP Batam) agrees, “BP Batam wants to develop new regulations to enable BP Batam to develop a special Medical Economic Zone. These new regulations are designed to create new innovative models of health service delivery especially for medical tourism, and we see this contract between dClinic and RSBP Batam as certainly furthering our goals".

"For too long, organisations and governments have pursued static Electronic Health Records as their preferred solution to answer the complexities of their patient's healthcare journeys. There is more evidence being compiled daily that these are restricted and often don't work. The answer to healthcare worldwide is a dedicated Healthcare Blockchain. dClinic can provide such a solution and in Batam, Indonesia, we will. Coupled with our own Vitality Retreats, we will work with RSBP Batam to demonstrate the clear benefits of Blockchain for Healthcare", said Dr Richard Satur (CEO of dClinic).

Using PHB to delivery Smart Healthcare Journeys

dClinic and SMART IVF announces their partnership to deliver Fertility and Wellness Journeys at RSBP Batam Hospital

PHB extended to meet Biotech needs

dClinic, bringing revolutionary dedicated healthcare block-chain to Indian healthcare

Biotech company TheraVab to implement IP management on dClinic's Blockchain

US and Singaporean Biotech company, TheraVab, is implementing their IP lifecycle and management on dClinic's Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB).

"Continuous improvement and effective innovation are key features of pharmaceutics and biotechnology. In addition to offering innovative healthcare solutions, TheraVab looks to implement its IP management on the blockchain to drive shorter drug development cycles and establish secure collaboration with industry and academic partners. We have spent the last 6 months reviewing a number of blockchain solutions, and dClinic's PHB is by far the best solution we have seen. We are very confident that we will be able to reduce costs significantly using PHB to manage, interrogate, streamline and audit the whole IP lifecycle for TheraVab," said TheraVab CEO, Dr. Herbert Chow.


Biotech’s on PHB are interested in Indonesia

BP Batam and dClinic host official visit to Batam by International Biotech & Big Pharma Companies, TheraVab and Cellix (February 2020)


Biotech needs PHBs

dClinic visits Kendal Industrial Park SEZ in Central Java to discuss investment opportunities to construct Biotech & Big Pharma Facilities utilizing the dClinic PHB (July 2020).

The excitement about PHB continues

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