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BP Batam, Indonesia – Batam Medical Blockchain Project

Development of the BMB where the goal is to build a Blockchain enabled citizen record for Batam, Indonesia and if successful, this will form the basis of a potential Indonesia-wide blockchain enabled EHR.

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PHB is Blockchain Enabling BioTech Companies

Blockchain can be applied to several aspects of the drug discovery and development lifecycle, namely data management, clinical trials, intellectual property (IP), royalties and licensing, ensuring drug authenticity and supply chain compliance.

Clinical trials

Blockchain can ensure transparency of informed consent documents, authentic timestamping, secured storing and tracking of the consent forms, as well as real-time sharing of the information among all authorized parties.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Blockchain can help significantly in proving the creation of IP assets, global monitoring and facilitation of IP protection processes while also protecting the confidentiality of the data.

Royalties and licensing

By tracking every transaction going through the supply chain, blockchain can be an effective solution in preventing counterfeiting. With ongoing real-time records on the blockchain, it will be extremely difficult for unauthorized agents to introduce counterfeit products into the supply chain. Blockchain can also ensure the authenticity of excess drugs procured by wholesalers before they are re-sold.

Supply chain compliance

Blockchain can bring all stakeholders of the supply chain onto the same ledger and facilitate tracking by introducing compliance and governance throughout the supply chain. The inherent transparency, immutability and de-centralised features of blockchain ensure adherence to all guidelines by any participating authority. The specific conditions required for a drug are monitored through smart devices such as Internet of Things (IoT) throughout the entire supply chain. Any deviations from the compliance conditions can be managed by creating smart contracts that will alert relevant stakeholders in the supply chain.

dClinic launches its new product, VIC Rewards. A true Utility Token

Crypto is perfectly placed to be the rewards currency for healthcare. Why can’t all of you earn from your healthcare and healthcare data? Why can’t you all profit from your participation and adherence to your care plans that have been developed by your care team members?

Why can’t family and friends assist with your healthcare and also profit from their assistance and encouragement?

Well with VIC Rewards, they can, and they will.

VIC Rewards is a rewards utility token based on public blockchain technology but integrated within the dClinic Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) eco-systems.

  • VIC Rewards; Will be able to be used for healthcare products and services being offered by our partners and integrators within our PHB eco-systems, initially in the ASEAN region,
  • Can be traded for our partners rewards tokens, and
  • Every year, VIC Rewards will buy back a percentage of the available VIC Rewards tokens, so we ensure, as best we can, the value within our token.
  • VIC Rewards is a true Utility Token.

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PHB enabled COVID-19 dAPP is coming

Short, Mid and Long-term goals for the PHB given COVID-19

  • Immediate (Short Term) Response

    In partnership with various COVID-19 Task Forces, we are building a COVID-19 dApp leveraging our Private Healthcare Blockchain.

  • Mid Term Goal

    To create a Pandemic Super Application and Platform based on our Private Healthcare Blockchain to help Indonesia meet the needs of its citizens for ALL pandemics.

  • Long Term Outcome

    To build an integrated solution that will connect ALL citizen Electronic Healthcare Records to help create an environment for proper healthcare delivery for the ASEAN region regardless of where they are in the world. A true success story for the ASEAN region.