Private Healthcare Blockchain

The World’s first dedicated Healthcare Blockchain company to integrate Healthcare Systems, Clinics and Hospital Assets with a Revolutionary Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) for the secure, transparent delivery of Healthcare, Wellness and Vitality Services, promoting Evidence-based Positive Healthcare Outcomes.

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Our revolutionary PHB is purpose built for BIG healthcare data, taking into account, geography and consent regulations.

The PHB encompasses a fully blockchain enabled EHR (Electronic Health Record), Track and Trace and AI & Analytics.

We integrate with our PHB and other blockchains, healthcare software systems and Apps using our FHIR API.

We meet ALL global healthcare standards and the blockchain is secure, auditable and trust worthy.

We build dApps (decentralized Apps) for our clients to take advantage of the many benefits our PHB and other blockchains offer.

Some of dApps include Track and Trace, Inventory, Quoting, AI Predictive Analysis, Care Planning and Loyalty Programs.

We provide sophisticated AI and Analytics tools so you can make the best use of the rich data now available to you.

AI assists with defining and driving Positive Healthcare Outcomes based on real Evidence constructed from the rich, complex, fractal and big healthcare data.

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